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Mobdro Apk: A long time ago people were watching TV to get news, entertainment, etc. But in today’s era because of the digital revolution, all things are changed. Now anyone can access TV on their smartphones with no efforts and easily use it.

Nowadays we have different platforms for videos such as one of the biggest platforms called YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok, Dailymotion and many more. But in these video platforms, you will rarely see the live streams of sports, movies, news, etc. But you don’t have to worry about that because here it is apk called Mobdro. It is one of the best online streaming services which is free to use. And we are going to discuss it.

Mobdro Apk

Mobdro is an online streaming service. There are millions of users around the world using this free online streaming service. It will provide you different types of categories channels which you can easily access. And click on any categories which suit your entertainment needs. Mobdro organized all streams into little categories such as News, Shows, Movies, Sports, Music, Games, Animals, podcasts, and many more. There is an option available in the categories section called “Channels” so when you click on it you will different live channels and channels that may be depending on your country and language. You can change the channels languages by clicking on the ‘launch shorting option’ (eye icon). And you will see different options such as Sort streams alphabetically, Enable Parental filter and you have various languages to choose from. You can customize these features according to your desire.

Download Mobdro Apk

Download Mobdro Apk,Mobdro Apk,Mobdro Apk Latest Version for Android

Size25.4 MB
Requires android4.2 and up

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Let me tell you a little bit about the user interface of Mobdro. Well, it has an amazing user-friendly interface design and easy to access anything. When you click on any category you will see different channels related to that category and you will see the channel name and below the name, you will see the language of the channel. And on the right side, you will see the three-dot button. Tap on that and you will find different options. And that features allow you to share the stream link with anyone.

Mobdro Apk 2019

It will also allow you to download content. When you tap on download it will show you that recording will happen in real-time and maybe it will take a large part of your storage. And it will also give you a different time duration to start recording. You can start recording the content with a minimum limit of 30 seconds and a maximum of 4 hours. Select various options for how long you want to record the stream. And you can also add that channel into your favourite channel list.

When you play any stream then you have different options to customize it. You can change the rotation of the video and resize it as you want. And it also has a feature where you can select the audio and video quality. If you want to do more customization then go to the settings and you will see different options and settings. There is a parental filter option that you can enable if you to allow Mobdro to limit access to age-inappropriate content. And Clear history option will allow you to clear the previous Mobdro searches from the search box or there is another option called ‘Never remember history’. You can enable it if you don’t want Mobdro to store search history.

Features of Mobdro Apk

Free: Mobdro is free to use and everyone can easily download it and use it. They will provide you with all the features which you need but it will also show the advertisement. Yes! Nowadays it is impossible to turn your device on without being bombarded with ads. But if you don’t want to see advertisements and want to disable ads. Then you have to upgrade it into the premium version where you will not see any ads.

Easy to use: There is a little bit of effort you have to do to download and install Mobdro than any normal application from the google app play store. Because the installation process is a little bit different and you can read the installation instructions below. And after installing you will find its worth it. The interface of this application is very basic. You just have to open the application and start streaming. There is no sign-up required and any other thing.

Offline: If you don’t have to watch your favourite TV shows or something else. Then it has a downloading feature and it will allow you to download any video content and you can watch it later.

Languages: It has different languages for different countries. You can select your desired language. For instance, if you want to watch the news in Spanish then you have to select Spanish and it will show only Spanish content to watch.

Dark Mode: You can enable or disable dark mode theme from the settings.

How to Install Mobdro Apk?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Installing this apk is very simple, just follow our below guide.

  1. Download APK Tap on the download button given above section
  2. Find The APK File Once the download completed, go to the file manager where it has stored. Tap on the APK file from there.
  3. Unknown sources There is a chance of getting security popup says allows this installation. Kindly go to the settings and enable unknown sources.
  4. Start the Installation process Now, you are ready to go. Tap on this apk file again and install it normally.
  5. Open App After completing the installation process, You have to open the App and give permissions to access your Phone’s Storage Access, Camera Access, Contact Access or anything else.


In the FAQ section, we will give the solution of problems that most users are facing. Also, clear your misconceptions. Is Mobro free?

Yes, It is completely free but there are two modes the ads mode, and no ads mode.The Categories lists are empty. What can I do?

Configure your network settings to use google public DNS.What is the “Parse Error” message?

Parse error happens when the android version on the device is lower than the android version Mobdro was compiled for. You need android 4.2 or up to enjoy Mobdro.Some streams are playing slowly or suffer from stuttering. What can I do?

Please check your internet connection and try again. If your internet connection is OK, it’s probable that the streaming is reaching its maximum bandwidth capacity. Unfortunately, Mobdro can’t do anything to solve this. It doesn’t have any control over the steamings, because they are provided by other organizations.There was a stream in my lists yesterday, but now it’s gone. Where do I find it?

Mobdro is an indexation tool, meaning it only looks at which streams are available. Mobdro doesn’t have any control whatsoever on the streamings. If the streaming that you are looking for was on the list before and now has vanished, it means that it was online but right now it is offline.Mobdro shows the message “check your connection”.

If you have no connections problems, then you are probably using an unsupported older version. Please update to the latest version.Is Mobdro compatible with IOS?

Unfortunately not. for the time being mobdro is only available on android.Is Mobdro compatible with Roku?

No, sorry. As of now, Mobdro only supports Chromecast.What is the share option?

The share option allows you to send a direct link to another Mobdro user, so this can watch what you are watching with just one tap.

Copyright: We are not associated with this application in any way nor we are the copyright holder of the icon and apk file. All credits go to the respective owner.



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