Wakey : Keep Your Screen On v6.5.0 Premium [Latest]


Wakey : Keep Your Screen On

Have you ever wanted to keep your device’s screen on longer than normal? Want to make your screen go to max brightness when you are using navigation or viewing your vacation photos? Been playing that latest game craze that wants your screen on all the time? Wakey can help!

Wakey keeps your screen on, and lets you choose how to do it – make the screen really bright, dim, or even completely dark – but the phone’s still awake and working. Wakey can also be set to auto-enable when certain apps (or games) are on-screen, or when the device is charging.

Wakey is battery friendly – it will keep the screen awake only when you need it. You can enable it manually with the big bulb right in the app at any time, and tap it again or use the notification to disable it. There’s also a widget you can use to enable and disable. The Premium in-app upgrade adds automation features – it does not improve the core “keep the screen on” functionality. If you ever have any issues with the screen not staying on, upgrading will not fix that. But I’m a click away; go into the app menu, hit “Help,” and I’ll work to make it right as quickly as possible!

The app has several features that will make your life even easier :

Display modes
You can set Wakey to keep your screen on at its normal brightness, brighten it to the maximum, or dimmed to any level down to completely dark. Even when completely darkened, the device stays awake, so apps that need to do things in the background can keep running without interruption, all while minimizing the drain on your battery.

Dim further on idle
When set to darkening mode, you can let your phone be dimmed partially while you are interacting with it, but get dimmer when you aren’t. This can help save battery even more, but leave your display lit enough to be visible when needed.

Pocket Mode
Put the device in your pocket, or close the cover, and your device will completely darken, and disable soft-navigation buttons. Keep your background processing going while saving battery even more!

AppWake (requires in-app upgrade to premium)
Automatically keep your screen awake when certain apps are running. Just choose which apps should keep your screen awake, and when any of those apps are running, Wakey will be enabled instantly. When you are no longer using the app, Wakey will automatically disable itself.

ChargeWake (requires in-app upgrade to premium)
Automatically keep your screen awake when it’s charging. As long as ChargeWake is enabled, when you plug your device in, Wakey will quickly enable itself. Unplug the device, and Wakey disables itself.

Note : Wakey might misbehave if task killers or battery savers are running.


Downloads : Premium features Unlocked

Wakey : Keep Your Screen On v6.5.0 Premium / Mirror


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